"The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently towards one goal in unison"

- Unknown

Mr. V. R. Shariff

Chairman and Managing Director

He is the Founder of Niton Valve Group. He started small, dreamt big and used a combination of grit and perseverance to create Niton Valves. Instinctive from a young age he made a rather unusual start in life. He started his career as a Lathe operator; he then worked his way up as a Foreman, and finally graduated as the owner of Niton. Thus began an extraordinary tale of courage and perseverance. He expanded his business from a 400 sqft to a 400,000 sqft production house with six production plants and a capacity to produce any type of industry valve. Mr. Shariff has rightfully earned the name of being the “the Valve Man of India”

He is a Role MODEL who built a dream with passion and hard work. He has a solution to provide across industries through technologically advanced products and Services. Fuelled by his own talent in creating the finest Valves in the country. Mr. Shariff says” I did not make valves to make money; incidentally I made money because of making excellent Valves. Mr. Shariff is a philanthropist and Educationist. He is actively involved in the management of several educational and charitable organizations. He strongly believes that Education is the only way for the uplifment of society and especially women improvement.

Mr. Juned Shariff

Director of Niton Valve Group, a position he acquired in 15 years back. He leads the Niton Marketing, Business Development,and Brand Building in addition to supervising the company's overall activities growth and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the Company. He has a substantial experience of over 15 years and plays a pivotal role in expanding the Company’s Business, Diversification (New Business Venture, New Product Line etc) He holds degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Naved Shariff

Director and Mechanical Engineer by profession responsible for overall manufacturing operations of Niton Valve Group. He has a considerable experience of over 13 years in Manufacturing and Design is also responsible for New Product Development and Enhancement. He has commendable Design Skills to create better products making Niton excel through Generations. He also leads the Company’s Research and Development with sound team of highly qualified Technical Professionals. He has a considerable experience in Quality, Execution of orders and After Sales Services thereby delivering world class solutions with set deadlines.

Mr. Atif Parkar

Joined Niton in year 2012 as Business Analyst. Currently designated Director of Niton. His experience encompasses areas of Software development, creation of strategic alliances, business development, and strategic planning. He has pioneered the concept of ERP in Niton. His core competence is BUSINESS PROCESS RE-ENGINEERING thereby providing Niton with easier, faster and foolproof systems and Solutions. He provides strategic and operational excellence to the Company and a capability to drive innovation. He is also the Founder of L.O.V.E (Learning of Valve Engineering) and G.R.E.E.N (Grow & Restore Enduring Evergreen Nature)

Mr. Sankesh J. Patil
Asst. General Manager (Technical)

Joined Niton in year 2008 as Design Executive and paved his ways to Asst. General Manager. He is currently handling the Design and Development Team along with the overall Technical activities of Niton. He is instrumental in acquiring statutory certifications for Niton. He has commendable Design Skills and plays pivotal Link between Sales and Production for timely and precisely execution of orders. With his Charming looks and profuse Knowledge he leads the Niton’s own Training academy L.O.V.E (Learning of Valve Engineering) wherein we train our Buyer fresher graduate on Valves basics. He is also the Management Representative of Niton adding one more prestigious feather in his caps. He is Mechanical Engineer by Qualification.