Our Chairman

"I did not make valves to make money.
Incidentally I made money because of making excellent valves"

- Mr. V. R. Shariff

V.R. Shariff, Chairman and Founder of Niton, has been singlehandedly instrumental in creating the most significant valves manufacturing company in India. Born on 14th August, 1947 with humble beginnings, Mr. Shariff started his career as a Lathe Operator, he worked his way up as a foreman, and finally graduated as the owner of the company Expanding his business from a 400 square feet space to a 400,000 square feet production house with six production plants, and a capacity to produce any type of industry valve, Mr. Shariff has rightfully earned the name of being the ‘valve man’ of India.

Leading by example, Mr. Shariff is a role model who built a dream with passion and hard work. With a vision to provide solutions across industries through technologically advanced products and services, and with the support of a sound team of efficient professionals, engineers and technicians, the company has been successful in addressing valve requirements within the Oil, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power, Offshore Platforms, Fertilizer and Gas projects.

Fuelled by his own talent in creating the finest valves in the country, Mr. Shariff says: “I did not make valves to make money. Incidentally I made money because of making excellent valves.” He believes that money follows those who follow their heart and continues in his mission to support the impoverished and underprivileged through various avenues.

Our Promise

Today, Niton valves stand as an expression of faith, commitment, services and delivery - Because making a difference needs to come straight from the heart.

Our Strengths

  • Plant in 6 Locations including Italy
  • Over 3 & 1/2 decades of Experience
  • Global clientele across 7 Industries
  • Extensive Network of Business Associates
  • Dedicated R&D department to test and validate our Engineered Solutions
  • Collaborations-Fostering Developments
  • 400,000 Sft Production Capacity