Industry: Chemicals & Fertilizers

For more than 3 decades Niton Valves has been at the forefront of supplying valves to key sectors such as power, offshore, chemical and petroleum industries across the world.

With agriculture as a prominent sector across the world and particularly in India, there is a strong co-dependence on the chemical and fertilizer industry. From providing chemical compositions that enrich soil, to developing effective pesticides for crop retention, this industry is dynamic with ever-evolving needs.

Niton’s quality has made its mark in the Indian fertilizer industry as well. Within the Ammonia, Urea and Nitrate plants of fertilizer complexes, Niton's Valves are in use throughout these processes protecting plant and equipment. The material used for the valves within these plants is highly corrosion-resistant made up of materials like duplex, super-duplex, Inconel and titanium.

Our Strenghts

  • Plants in 6 locations
  • Plants in India & Italy
  • Latest Technical know-how
  • Over 3 decades of experience
  • Global clientele
  • 400,000 Sft Production Capacity