HR & Management

"The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication
and what you're willing to sacrifice"

- Unknown

SWe have an integrated team of qualified, experienced and competent engineers, technicians and other professionals that work together in identifying and satisfying customer needs by delivering world class solutions with set deadlines.

A strong and supportive management has always looked at keeping its employees happy. With sound HR policies in place, along with high activity in various social initiatives that benefit staff and workers, Niton enjoys a good employee retention rate. This in turn helps Niton in developing new products in lesser time as compared to competition.

To facilitate a smoother process of management, the company is developing an ERP system in order to centrally monitor multi-location manufacturing facilities at the same time.

Our Recognition

Niton bagged the Lifetime Achievement in Business Leadership for outstanding work and excellent performance across industries.

Our Strengths

  • Integrated Team of Qualified, Experienced and Competent Employees.
  • 100% retention of employees
  • Sound HR Policies and Educational Programs.
  • Performance and Reward Management
  • Training and Development