Industry: Petroleum

For more than 3 decades Niton Valves has been at the forefront of supplying valves to key sectors such as power, offshore, chemical and petroleum industries across the world.

With a vast application and wide variety of automatic and self-actuated control valves across the various processes of refining and storing oil, Niton valves play a vital role in reducing down time and ensuring that companies can depend on the valves for quality and durability.

Being specialists in customizing our valves to match the needs of this industry, some of the most significant valves include valves for hydrogen generation units, valves for sulphur recovery units, valves for pump control, emergency shut-off valves and flow control valves.

Our Strengths

  • Plants in 6 locations
  • Plants in India & Italy
  • Latest Technical know-how
  • Over 3 decades of experience
  • Global clientele
  • 400,000 Sft Production Capacity