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Legacy spanning almost
half a decade

V.R. Shariff, Niton’s Chairman and Founder, established India’s leading valve manufacturing company. Born on August 14, 1947, he began as a Lathe Operator and ascended to become the company owner. Expanding from 400 sq. ft. to a 450,000 sq. ft. facility with 5 production plants in India and 1 international plant in Italy, Mr. Shariff is renowned as the ‘valve man’ of India. As a role model, he built his dream with passion, leading a team to provide technologically advanced solutions in industries like Oil, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power, Offshore Platforms, Fertilizer, and Gas projects. Focused on excellence, he emphasizes that financial success results from creating top-notch valves. Committed to philanthropy, Mr. Shariff supports the underprivileged.



To be a world-class leader in creating innovative design, manufacture and delivery of quality products; and working towards being ahead of dynamic global changes by adhering to a customer-centric approach.


  • To provide superior quality products that leverage machine efficiencies across industries to function at optimum levels.
  • To focus on the learning and adaptation of hi-end technologies in order to continue creating innovative products and services across industries.
  • To ensure efficiency at the workplace by providing a work environment that supports, nurtures and encourages our employees to develop a strong growth curve in their respective careers.
  • To expand into diverse global markets by understanding customer needs, applying quality practices and developing sustainable solutions through efficient methodologies.


Financial Credibility

Niton, a financially robust brand, boasts a significant annual turnover with easy access to internal and external funding. With over three decades of progressive work, a global reputation in seven industries, and a core banker’s long-standing association, Niton maintains a strong client relationship. Awarded a BBB- rating by CARE, it ensures a moderate level of safety for lenders, drawing interest from bankers and Private Equity firms. Recognized by the government in 2010, Niton received the Lifetime Achievement in Business Leadership for outstanding performance across industries.


Work Culture

Fostering a positive work environment, Niton prioritizes lasting connections with its workforce. Educational programs enhance employee skills, offering career growth opportunities. Niton’s workforce of over 650 dedicated individuals reflects its commitment. Mr. Shariff, an advocate for his workforce, provides quality facilities like community centers, housing, dining, medical camps, and educational seminars.

With a customer-centric approach and transparent practices, Niton consistently delivers excellence. Promoting open communication, Niton cultivates a dynamic workplace, encouraging teams to share ideas and diverse problem-solving approaches. The management ensures effective delegation of power, maintaining a balanced hierarchy for optimal efficiency.

Integrated Team of
Qualified, Experienced and
Competent Employees
100% retention of employees
Sound HR Policies and Educational Programs

Performance and Reward Management

Training and Development Programs
Integrated ERP system to centrally monitor 6 plants



Niton Industries Pvt. Ltd. actively promotes environmental responsibility by minimizing material usage, waste, and water consumption in our manufacturing units. Dedicated to producing high-quality valves, we prioritise uplifting the lives of our workforce and the local community. Our initiatives address basic needs like infrastructure, hygiene, sanitation, food, water, and education.

Our latest initiative, the ‘Integrated Niton Campus,’ ensures top-notch production and a conducive growth environment with modern manufacturing facilities, residences, and a community center. It offers safety, motivation, team building, leadership, yoga, and aerobics programs. We encourage other industries to adopt this holistic approach for a better quality of life.


In the valve industry, Niton leads with the first-ever Green Plant, acknowledged by MIDC. We emphasize renewable energy, water harvesting, and maintain an organic farm and horticulture garden for employee satisfaction and aesthetic value.


Niton’s L-O-V-E

Learning of Valve Engineering

Niton Valve Industries, with 35 years of experience, initiated a one-day intensive training session for international market buyers, providing insight into Valve Engineering. The course covers key components, usage, and future standards. Following the session, participants, including Linde, Aker, Larsen and Toubro, unwind with water sports at Aamby Valley for a memorable experience. Hosted at Valvinox S.R.L India Private Limited, the session covers Types of Valves, Usage, Components, and Manufacturing Cycles. Partners are invited to the Khopoli Works with a scheduled appointment for this VALVETHON.


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